Please check out our YouTube channel to see the kind of craftsmanship he puts into his solar and lithium installs.

The way we work is:

  1. You contact us via the contact us page,
  2. We schedule a conference call with Mike to discuss your wants and needs in a system. (He’s NOT a salesman. He designs a system based on your wants and needs. He’s an electrician, so he does the math on approximately what you would need to power your coach.),
  3. Once we have a system design, we send over a proposal. Once we figure out exactly what fits your budget as well as your needs, you’ll sign the proposal, send it back to us, then we’ll work on scheduling a location and time for your install. (Please check out our map on the homepage to determine what our upcoming travels are.),
  4. We work directly with Battle Born and the solar panel company to get Purchase Orders to ensure you get the correct parts. We then send you the vendor invoice, where you pay for the invoice directly with the vendor and ensure that this is done within 2-3 weeks of our arrival to do the install.,
  5. We show up and do the install at an agreed upon location and campground (typically), all while you stay living in your RV as normal. Installs can take anywhere from 4 days to a week or more, depending on the size of the system.