2021 Grand Design Momentum 395MS

Project Video:


Thrice! Check out this setup!

This install is the third installation we have completed for these sweet clients of ours. They originally had a Luxe which we upfitted in 2019, then in 2020 they purchased a Northwoods Arctic Fox so they could really ‘get out there’. We again did an upfit for the Arctic Fox. In 2021, we were contacted by them once again. They had decided to sell both the Luxe and the Arctic Fox and asked us to move all equipment from the two RVs to their new find, a 2021 Grand Design Momentum 395MS.

After removing equipment from the client’s Arctic Fox as well as additional equipment from their Luxe RV, we installed:

8 – 330W REC N Peak Solar Panels ☀️

15 – 100W Renogy Eclipse Solar Panels ☀️

12 – 100Ah Battle Born Lithium Batteries 🔋

1 – BMV 712 Battery Monitor

2 – Victron Multiplus 3000W Hybrid Inverters

3 – Victron MPPT 150/100

3 – MicroAir Easy Starts

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