2018 Thor Aria 3901

Project Video:


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Although we do not suggest having two 3000W inverters with only 1300W of solar, mostly because one can quickly drain their batteries pulling that much power through the inverters, but not enough solar to replenish the batteries quickly, this client preferred only 1300W of solar. We like how this install turned out, although it was quite the challenge. After the install, the client began having issues with their 2018 version of the FireFly system with ‘shedding’ issues. We met back up and Mike had to trick the system as the manufacturer of the FireFly wanted additional funds to write a program for the ‘bypass’ feature that they created for future FireFly systems. It was an interesting one, but Mike figured it out!

We installed:

4 – 325W Northern AZ & Wind solar panels,

6 – 100Ah lithium Battle Born Batteries,

2 – Victron Multiplus 3000/120 hybrid inverters

1 – BMV712 battery monitor,

1 – Victron 150/100 MPPT solar charge controllers

2 – MicroAir Easy Starts

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