2018 Promaster 2500 High Top Van

Project Video:


Pebbles approved! Check it out!

Our friends, Paul and Magen, of Dreaming Outloud RVing, asked us to move their batteries in their Promaster Van. If you recognize the van from CamperVan Kevin, you’re correct. Paul and Magen purchased the van and have turned it into a fun and functional-for-them van to travel in.

Paul and Magen wanted more floor space, so they asked Mike to remove the ‘big box’ in the floor and move their batteries to a different location. It was a great thing that we were able to do this project as there were some melted fusing in their battery box. Mike got them all fixed up with new fuses, moved the batteries and solar controller to a different location, getting rid of the box in the floor as well as making additional room for their sweet pup, Pebbles.

After this, Paul ensured to do an encasing over the batteries so that he can still store things in the cubby and not disturb the batteries. Mike really enjoyed this project!

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