Please be advised you should fully understand our process and follow all instructions. Should you not follow instructions, we will unfortunately be unable to assist you. If you go around instructions by cold calling or sending us a direct email for our services, please understand that you will be directed to the correct process and you will fall in line in order of receipt. This helps us streamline our business model and to assist as many clients as possible in a short amount of time.

Because we are a mobile team, we do have a minimum system that we install. The minimum system starts with at least 1300W of solar and 600Ah of lithium batteries, which has a turnkey pricing of about $16,600 for 30amp coaches and around $17,500 for 50amp coaches (quoting retail pricing on all equipment – with the below exceptions on rig size), subject to change.

******This pricing and package excludes Airstreams, LTV’s and other smaller units as those are priced per model.******



Review our installation calendar to determine if our current 2022 route aligns with your schedule.


Go to our contact us page. Choose your time zone, which will schedule a call with Mike, then complete the remaining inquiry form questions. Please ensure you choose the best available time for you and be mindful of our busy schedule as well as the next scheduled call. If you cannot make your current scheduled conference call time, please reschedule. Please read all instructions before proceeding through the inquiry process.


Mike will call, via the number you provide on the inquiry form, to discuss your solar project further by determining your power needs and provide his professional opinion.


The Dry Campers will provide a proposal. If the proposal is acceptable, please sign the proposal and return. We prioritize our client scheduling on a first received basis. We will coordinate appropriately with the second individual, should conflicts occur.


After we have received a signed proposal we will move forward with the process. The Dry Campers will connect with the vendors to obtain a Purchase Order, to ensure the client orders the appropriate equipment. The Dry Campers will forward the vendor's Purchase Order to the client. The client will connect directly with the vendors to make their equipment purchase with said Purchase Order number.


Shipping of the equipment will be monitored by The Dry Campers team; however, ultimately the client is responsible to ensure all equipment arrives the first day or two of the installation. Our vendors work well to ensure equipment arrives on time, even if an advanced order is placed with a delayed shipping date.


The Dry Campers arrive and complete the installation. Payment is due upon completion. We only accept cash, cashier's check, check, and Apple Pay. *Please note that as of 3/25/19 Apple Pay does not allow a credit card to be utilized for person-to-person payment.*

*We do not require deposits at this time.*

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