Behold, the power of Solar

We are known as The Dry Campers as we aspire to help others find the freedom of boondocking, or dry camping, with an awesome custom design by Mike.

The Dry Campers, specializing in solar & lithium setups on RVs.

We utilize products and companies that we fully personally stand behind. We have not tested other brands and cannot fully stand behind anything that we have never personally used and tested. If the client has a different product preference, we will still install, but cannot guarantee the product.

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What our clients say

The Dry Campers are great to work with! Quality at its best!!!! After doing research on solar installations, we saw Less Junk More Journey’s solar install on YouTube. One could immediately see that Mike is an excellent installer and very knowledgeable about solar and dc/ac installs.
Joyce Miller & Kim MCDaniel
I had Mike and Leanna do a full upfit for us. We could not be happier with the service before, during, and after the install. They are by far the best in the business doing this. I would not trust anyone else at this point to setup my rig. The installs they do are like nothing you have seen.
William Hulse
We wanted a system that we could be off grid or boondocking as long as we wanted and still be comfortable wherever we were at. And that meant being able to run our ac. Mike and Leanna came thru with not only great prices, but pulled together the perfect package for us.
Bill and Diane

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